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HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractor

HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractor

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How annoying it is when all your clothes are covered in hair! There are of course adhesive rollers, but the efficiency of these rollers is not always optimal. How convenient would it be if it was already done for you in the washing machine? These colorful HairZappers will save you a lot of work.

Suitable for the washing machine and tumble dryer

The invention of the HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractor was the day we could wave goodbye to the hair and lint on our clothes! And best of all, it can be used in both the washing machine and dryer! Win win!

How to use?

  • Place 1 HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractant per medium-sized pet in the washing machine together with your clothes without fabric softener.
  • Place the HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractor(s) in the dryer with your laundry. It is normal that no hair sticks to the Washing Machine Hair Puller, it pulls the hair from the clothes and flushes it down the drain.
  • Wash the HairZapper Washing Machine Hair Attractor(s) by hand.
  • Reuse

Get rid of all the hair

The product is made of a very soft, sticky, flexible material that pulls your pet's fur and hair from the clothes and washes it down the drain. The movements of the washer and dryer also help with the appeal.

Say goodbye to all the hair of your four-legged friend!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Sarah Morckhoven

De HairZapper heeft mijn leven zoveel gemakkelijker gemaakt! Het verwijderen van hondenhaar is nu een fluitje van een cent.

Angelique de Ridder

Toppie, doet wat het beloofdt

Agnieska Malgorska

Schoon was in één handomdraaien! Super

Elouise De Bruyn

Wist niet wat te verwachten. Kostte mij tweemaal proberen en toen faalde ik nog. Klantendienst gecontacteerd en zij hebben mij uitleg gegeven, nu gebruik ik het bij iedere wasbeurt! Mercikes, top productje!



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