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Hondenhoek - the online store for dogs and owners

Welcome to hondhoek.com, the online store for dogs and their owners! Our adventure started in 2014 when Niek Uitenbos and Vaya Simons, two driven entrepreneurs with a passion for animals, decided to start their own online store. With five dogs, three cats, two sheep and even a horse in their home in Nuenen, the Netherlands, they were surrounded by a love for animals.

It all started as WOEF Boutique, a boutique that specialized in everything dogs need. But in April 2020, Niek Uitenbos took over on his own after Vaya Simons left the team. He decided to take a new course and moved to beautiful Wallonia in Belgium. There he gave WOEF Boutique a new name and a breath of fresh air: hondhoek.com was born!

At hondhoek.com we strive to make your shopping experience as pleasant and easy as possible. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for dogs, ranging from food and toys to accessories and care products. All our products are carefully selected to meet the needs and wishes of your four-legged friend.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and customer-oriented service. Our enthusiastic team is always ready to help you with questions, advice or any problems. We strive to deliver your order quickly and safely to your home, so that you and your dog can fully enjoy the products fromhondenhoek.com.

We invite you to discover more about us and follow our story on our website. Please take a look at our extensive range and let us know how we can help you. At hondhoek.com everything revolves around love and care for your dog. We look forward to welcoming you and your faithful companion to our dog corner family!

Hondenhoek.com - the online store for dogs and owners - About us

From WOEF Boutique to Hondenhoek.com

After six years, Niek changed course, not only products for dogs, but also a wide range of beautiful products for owners and also for non-dog owners. The supply became larger and larger, which also meant that more staff was needed. The workforce was supplemented and to this day the online store is a favorite with more than 5000 loyal customers!

Why order from Hondenhoek?

We at Hondenhoek.com are passionate dog lovers ourselves and know exactly what to do what your four-legged friend needs to live a wonderful life with you. At Hondenhoek we therefore offer you the best quality products at a competitive price. Your dog will be very grateful for the new products!

We carefully choose our products so we know what the enormous added value is. Not only do we carefully select the product, but we also handle customer service ourselves. Personal contact with the customer is priority number 1 at de Hondenhoek.

Hondenhoek.com - the online store for dogs and owners - About us

Everything for fair prices

At Hondenhoek we believe that you should not pay too much for high-quality and reliable products for your dog. That is why we have chosen to have our products delivered to you directly from our suppliers. This allows us to avoid intermediaries such as storage facilities and department stores, allowing us to save significantly on costs. All you have to pay is the product price itself, without unnecessary storage, packaging and shipping costs. Honesty is our priority.

We currently work with several reliable suppliers, both within and outside the EU, to ensure that we can offer you a varied range of high-quality products. We strive to meet all your needs as a dog owner.

We are proud to say that we have already welcomed more than 6,000 satisfied customers to our online store, and we aim to quickly grow this number to 7,000 and beyond! We also hope to make you happy with our wonderful range of dog products. At Hondenhoek we are always ready to help and advise you, so that you can make the best choices for your four-legged friend.

Our passion for dogs and our commitment to honesty and customer satisfaction form the basis of Hondenhoek. We invite you to explore our online store and discover what we have to offer. Whether you are looking for food, toys, care products or accessories, we have it all. Let us be your trusted partner in caring for your beloved dog.

Join the growing community of satisfied customers at Hondenhoek and experience the benefits of our honest and high-quality offering for yourself. We look forward to making you happy with our beautiful dog products!

Meet our team

At Hondenhoek we work closely with a team of dedicated professionals, including our valued team members, interns and developers. Together we form the store we are today. We would like to introduce you to our permanent staff, who contribute to Hondenhoek's success with great pleasure and dedication.

    Together we form a close-knit team that is committed to making Hondenhoek the best online store for dog lovers. We are passionate, driven and eager to serve you. Pleasant, and we look forward to working with you!

    • Niek Uitenbos - Manager

      Niek Uitenbos (40) is a driven man. Together with his former life partner Vaya Simons, he set up the online store in 2014, and today he still carries out the work with the same passion, today from beautiful Wallonia (Belgium).

    • Anny Shah - Customer Service Manager

      Anny Shah (38) is happily married, mother of 4 children and 3 dogs. Her life is all about dogs and perfect service for customers. Anny has been responsible for our customer service since 2019.

    • Anneke van Dommelen - Customer Service Employee

      Anneke (41) was added to the team in the middle of the Corona crisis in 2020. Anneke is a driven person who does not stop until she has achieved her results. Full of passion and a big smile!

    • Jannie Pavlova - Customer Service Employee

      Jannie (39), a Bulgarian who joined the team in 2023, is committed to providing excellent support. Her passion for cooking is her favorite hobby, where she enjoys trying new recipes and preparing delicious dishes.

    • Rian de Boer - Digital Specialist

      Rian (56) has been working at Hondenhoek.com since 2021 and is an expert in writing blog and news items for the online dog store. In her spare time she likes to dance the tango and can often be found on her pleasure boat in Goes, the Netherlands.

    • Wenda Waas - Legal & Privacy Officer

      Our Legal & Privacy Officer Wenda (30) started at Hondenhoek as an accountant in 2017. In 2019 she took a break to discover South America and retrained as a Privacy Officer. She has been employed full-time again in this position since March 2020.

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